About the Institute

Established in 2011, the Graduate Institute of Colour and Illumination Technology is an international center of excellence in research and teaching with main focus on a multidisciplinary area that covers physical optics, electronics, computer science, ergonomics, color vision, psychology and design.  These technologies integrated as a whole can play a key role in technological breakthrough in emerging industries.

The University has an outstanding track record in academic excellence and practical performance in both engineering and design, with a large number of quality courses that reinforce professional trainings not provided by any other institution.

As the first postgraduate school in Taiwan that bases its core features on color, imaging, design and lighting technologies, the Institute provides academic excellence, with strong connections with world-leading institutions in this area including University of Leeds (UK), Chiba University (Japan), Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), and Zhejiang University (China). Collaborative research projects have been carried out with world standard bodies and research centers including International Commission on Illumination (CIE), American Color and Imaging Technology Society, and Korea Electronics and Communications Research Centre.

The Institute has numerous collaborative research projects with the industries, including Philips, X-Rite, AU Optronics, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, and Taiwan Design Center. The Institute has made essential contribution to technical committees of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) including TC1-27, TC1-52, TC1-73, TC1-86, TC8-2 and TC8-3.

Our strengths of research and teaching include the following areas:

  • Color Science: color vision, color management, color psychology and color design.
  • Lighting Technology: solid-state lighting, optimization of spectral power distribution, natural lighting, lighting design and color rendering.
  • Imaging Technology: two- and three-dimensional image capture and analysis, image quality, multispectral images and cross-media image reproduction.

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