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About the program

Our Master of Science (MSc) degree program for Color and illumination technologies and Artificial intelligence applications (for more details see our research directions) requires at least 24 credits, in addition to writing a Master Thesis. At least 3 of the Basic Courses shown below are required to take, and at least 18 credits of courses provided by the Institute need to be taken. Students usually finish this program within two years but may extend up to another two years for acceptable reasons.



International students who would like to apply for admission to the program are required to have graduated from universities or colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan).



University/college transcripts, mark rankings (in terms of rank/class size), English ability, autobiography, and any other information that may strengthen the applicant’s academic ability, skills or potential are required to be included in the application. For more details of how to apply please visit Admission Office. For information of financial support and life in NTUST please visit the Office of International Affairs.


Required Courses (all required)

Title Credits/Hours
Seminar (1) 0/2
Seminar (2) 0/2
Master Thesis
Academic Research Ethics 0/3


Basic Courses (at least 3 required)

Title Credits/Hours
Applied Color Science 3/3
Psychophysics in Color and Visual Perception 3/3
Imaging Technology and Devices 3/3
Illumination Optics 3/3
Spatial Data Acquisition Technology 3/3
Applied Visual Optics 3/3


Elective Courses

Title Credits/Hours
彩色影像處理 3/3
高等電腦圖學 3/3
電腦視覺與應用 3/3
人因在照明與色彩之應用 3/3
成像光學設計 3/3
色彩及影像實作技術 3/3
感性色彩設計 3/3
跨媒體色彩複製 3/3
數位典藏技術 3/3
富立葉光學 3/3
高等富立葉光學 3/3
應用色彩心理學 3/3
光子學工程實習 2/3
光子學工程應用實務 3/3
非成像光學與照明設計 3/3
固態照明技術 3/3
自然光照明系統 3/3
自然光照明系統實習 1/3
色彩學在影像與照明產業之應用 3/3
高臨場顯示技術 3/3
數位相機理論與實務 3/3
彩色影像複製系統 3/3
色度學原理與應用 3/3
色彩照明實驗與分析 3/3
應用於光學設計實務之機器學習 3/3
光學程式實務 3/3
LED照明產品的檢測與品質技術 3/3

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